Design. Print. Deliver.

  • WiFi server onboard.

    Connect your printer to a local WiFi network and print remotely. A dedicated web interface provides easy control and access to every detail.

    From g-code upload and configuration to print control, everything on your favourite device.

    Requires accessible WIFI network.

  • Compact, integrated printhead.

    Light, lit and robust. Integrated print effector including all you desire and a bit more, for expansion.

    Hotend cooling fan.
    Print cooling blower fan.
    6 star white LEDs.
    3 pin connector for an optional IR probe.
    Hotend with 30W cartridge heater and thermistor.

  • Quick release locking build plate.

    Change your plate in seconds and start new job.

    Spire workplate provides you a non blocking printing workflow and is fun to use.

    Use your favourite adhesive stuff, and go.

    And yes, it’s heated, ofcourse!

  • Backlash free magnetic joints.

  • Light and stiff carbon rods.