Phone controlled 3D printed Desktop Conqueror.
A great introduction to the world of open source robotics and 3D printing.


tart your 3D printing adventure with a remote control vehicle. Monkeyfab DAVID is a small tracked vehicle controlled with Android smartphone. All the parts are easily printable on our new Spire delta or other FFF 3D printer. DAVID design is simple to build and assemble.

Do NOT print a vase. Print DAVID!

he heart of this creature is David CORE. It integrates several electronic components into a compact sandwitch. It comes to as a ready to go package. The components are just basic, easily accessible and affordable elements, have more fun and DIY the whole thing.

David CORE ???

Bored with the options? Open source means you are invited to download the design and make your own breed of Desktop Droids!  As easy as clicking the button. And check our tutorials for an inspiration.

Get the files and customize!