To Create means to Live

Monkeyfab S. C. is company founded in 2012 by brothers Peter and Paul Twardo.

In first years of existence we focused on building polish 3d printing community. The company started from little shop with 3d printer parts.

After gaining experience, the first product arrived — Monkeyfab Prime3D. Based on popular open source design, our machine has been frequently awarded as one of the best 3d printers on the polish market.

Our most recent product, Monkeyfab Spire is a solution for education and industrial plastic production. It is one of the most silent machine on the market. Monkeyfab Spire was built to work in cluster, the specific workflow of 3d printing farm. In a year of it’s premiere, Monkeyfab Spire was awarded Main Prize on the Technology Spring Exhibition, IX 3D Printing Days.

For now the company is focusing on creating innovative solutions in the world of 3D printing. We are ready for new opportunities. We are here to create.